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‘Megamind’ reworks hero story to show there’s good in everyone

December 13th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

Review by David Bowman

Megamind is an original take on the hero vs. villain story, with a splash of Superman inspiration.

The film is about an infant who is sent away from his soon-to-be-destroyed planet and is knocked off course by his future nemesis. The big-headed blue star of the film lands in a prison while his adversary lands in a mansion. This gives the prelude on how the two infants are to be raised and where their paths in life may cross.

Over the years, the rivalry between the two characters grows to such extremes that the villain has named himself Megamind (voiced by Will Ferrell) and his rival named himself Metro Man (voiced by Brad Pitt). These names represent, in a way, the personalities of the two. Megamind is a melodramatic; megalomaniac. while Metro Man glorifies himself in the praise of the citizens of the city he protects from Megamind, Metro City.

One day Megamind comes up with a plan to destroy Metro Man once and for all. He kidnaps Roxanne Ritchi (voiced by Tina Fey) and baits Metro Man into his trap. To everyone’s surprise, including Megamind’s, the plan worked. Megamind destroys Metro Man and is able to rule Metro City, or what he likes to call it, MeTrocity.

One would think that the villain would be overjoyed with this stupendous occasion of evil overcoming good but he isn’t. He begins to wallow in self-pity and depression. He finds some light in his attempts to woo Roxanne while using a device that allows him to look like somebody else.

Soon enough his boredom with having no one to fight on a daily basis gets the better of him and Megamind decides to create a new hero. This plan backfires and Megamind now needs to become the new hero of Metro City.

Megamind is another one of those movies that has a lesson attached to it in the fine print that is not shown during a preview. This lesson is that one is not born into greatness but that they can become great. Through all of Megamind’s life he has known nothing but being evil. He was raised by prison inmates and he could never measure up to Metro Man while growing up. So he believed that all he could ever be was evil. By the end of the movie he learns that he doesn’t have to be what he believed he was born to be and that he could create his own destiny.

Megamind is a great movie for the family with its witty punch lines and memorable characters. The 3D animation was immersive to the point that when the new villain is flying around the city, it would not be wrong to say that the audience could believe that it was them flying. The movie may have its slow moments but is definitely worth watching.


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