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18 beauties celebrate Valentine’s Day solo to show men how it’s done

February 16th, 2012 Posted in Arts and Life

Story & Photos by Mary Stocking

LOGAN—Giggles and laughter echoed through the hallways of Taggart Student Center Tuesday over the reverberating footsteps of passersby as a group of USU roommates celebrated a date-free Valentine’s Day with a special picnic.

Britnee Bromley and 17 of her friends, all residents of the on-campus Living Learning Community housing complex, came together for a celebration of the “She-Woman Man-Haters Club” on red and pink blankets placed on the TSC’s cold tile floor. The women raucously toasted the occasion with champagne flutes of Martinelli sparkling cider.

The “LLC Crew,” as they prefer to be known, came dressed in their finest with food, goodies and video entertainment of love scenes on laptops. Not only were the women having a good time at their very public picnic, but passing male students couldn’t help ogle the foxy beauties.

From an outsider’s perspective, it’s a mystery why these girls are still on the market to find love.

“Awwwwww!” the women cooed in unison as Ally Bindrup played a video montage of romantic kisses from films ranging from The Little Mermaid to Princess Bride to Titanic.

“Upside down kisses are so sexy!” one LLC girl said wistfully as Spiderman hung in an alley to spooch Mary Jane on Bindrup’s Mac laptop.

“We’re not hating men,” laughed Kelsey Despian. “We’re just loving Valentine’s Day without them!”

Among the array of treats and delicacies gracing the red and pink picnic blankets were chocolate-dipped pretzels, heart-shaped pizza, a Cinderella-inspired cake complete with Prince Charming, Funfetti cookies, Martinelli’s, cupcakes, Ring Pops, and PBJ’s cut into hearts, with a carefully scrolled message on each Ziploc: “Love, Me XOXO.”

The public location of their party was selected very purposely, said Sierra Durfee: “We’re just setting the example for what men should do for us!”

Another important feature of the women-only party was a hand-selected man. “Big Joe” strolled into the scene wearing a dashing red button-up shirt and pink tie.

“Joe is here to serenade us in a way most men won’t do,” Bromley said.

Before serenading the women, Joe “Big Joe” Watson declared to his beautiful audience, “This is for all you girls who put some guy in the friends zone.”

After the laughter subsided, Big Joe serenaded the girls with from “Minstrels Prayer” by Cartel.

Key lyrics: “Simply singing for the girl who makes up try so very hard.” And, “We will catch our lady’s ear, we will win for us the girl.”

After the love song, the women passed out Ring Pops. “We liked it so we put our own ring on it,” Bromley said as the other began to break out to the hip hop moves of Beyoncé in her hit 2008 music video, “All the Single Ladies.”

As their special Valentine’s celebration wound down, the 18 women raised their glasses in a final toast to “A hope for a better future full of Love!”





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