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250 new True Aggies line up to smooch under January’s chilly full moon

January 22nd, 2011 Posted in Arts and Life

Story & Photo by Heidi Hansen

LOGAN—It was almost midnight, and “True Aggie Night” was in full swing Wednesday as students braved the cold on the USU Quad for their chance to kiss somebody while standing atop the block “A” under a bright full moon.

Highlights of this edition of Utah State’s smooching spectacular included a threesome (one man, two women) and a couple’s tragic tumble off the “A.” They righted themselves and, cheered on by the crowd, planted a big one on each other.

USU’s Student Alumni Association (SAA) hosts this unique tradition every month on the night of the full moon, as well as on Homecoming night and A-day. In Wednesday’s January midnight chill, the SAA provided hot chocolate and loud dance music to get students in the mood to display their kissing skills.

“We are trying to make every True Aggie Night better for the students by providing them with necessary things like awesome music and hot cocoa along with the traditional and legit True Aggie Cards that each kisser gets to fill out, ” said Tessa Goodall, SAA Traditions vice president.

She added that after becoming a True Aggie in 2006, she laminated her card and still carries it in her wallet today.

“The True Aggie Tradition is one of the most important and well-known traditions on campus,” said SAA Vice President Caleb Gorringe. “It is used heavily as a recruiting tool by the admissions office and is a rite of passage before graduation.”

Goodall said this year’s Senior Gift will be to refurbish and improve the area of the Quad surrounding the block “A.”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the ‘A’ is sinking and starting to tilt,” Goodall said. “For the gift we will be renovating that area and leveling out the ‘A.’ and then surrounding it with brick pavers to make the area less muddy and more stable for the students on True Aggie Nights.”

The crowd of about 250 included there were shy kissers who preferred a quick peck, and more open kissers who weren’t afraid to make out as they became True Aggies.

Brice Sprouts and Becca Palsie stood in line, excited to become True Aggies, but  unsure how they would handle the kiss.

“It’s all happening so fast and we’re just friends,” said Palsie as she followed Sprouts up the A steps. “I don’t know what to do.”

Sprouts wasn’t worried. “My mom is going to be proud of me,” he said about becoming a True Aggie. Sprouts and Palsie’s smooch was G-rated, a few seconds longer than a simple peck, but a friend kiss.

Ethan Mayfield stood in line with his girlfriend, Ana Gilbert, who he said he planned to dip and then kiss.

“I’m excited to become a True Aggie,” Gilbert said. “I feel like I’ll really be part of the school now.

“I’ll be able to tell people that I’m not just an Aggie—I’m a True Aggie,” she said.

Mark Reed, who was just there to support his friends in their public display of affection, said he thinks “True Aggie Night” is a fun tradition.

“It’s cool because it’s unique to USU,” he said. “This doesn’t happen at other schools.”

Shea Andrews, who made her boyfriend, Devin Davis, a True Aggie, said she also enjoys the tradition.

“It’s just a cool thing. My high school had some pretty weird traditions, so this doesn’t seem that bad,” Andrews said.

The block “A” students must stand on to kiss was originally erected in 1917 by a club called the Beno’s. It was then moved around campus several times before finding its final resting place in 1967 on the Quad off the northeast corner of Old Main.

Today, 93 years later, the Aggie tradition of the midnight liplock continues strong as a couple of hundred students joined the ranks of True Aggies.

“At least I get to kiss someone with this tradition,” said new True Aggie Shea Andrews.

To donate to refurbish the Aggie A, visit the Senior Gift website.


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