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A-TV News—Seagull poop, the Beav, lightbulbs & spring showers

April 5th, 2013 Posted in Opinion

LOGAN—This week’s Cache Rendezvous show from A-TV News features an update on Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds as seagulls infest University Hill, the Beav closes for the season with a wet competition for brave boarders, and a look at USU’s Botanical Center in Kaysville.

Anchors Kelton Wells and Jason Borba open with complaints from the Learning Living Center above University Hill, where correspondent Eric Jungblut reports that flocks of Utah’s state bird are keeping residents awake with their constant “seagulling.” Attracted to the USU hillside by leftovers from last weekend’s Easter Egg Roll, thousands of seagulls are swooping and screaming and pooping everywhere. “I hate seagulls,” said one student. “They are flipping gross.”

In other news, the Beaver Mountain ski area closed for the season with its annual pond skim, reports Chris Larson, as more than 100 skiers and boarders registered to speed across an icy pond for prizes and chills.

In the seasonal transition, reports Kelton Wells, USU’s Outdoor Recreation Program offers all kinds of equipment to help students celebrate and enjoy the spring weather.

Meanwhile, Jenna Lynn investigates how the nationwide transition from incandescent light bulbs to more energy-efficient LED lighting might affect theater productions and moviemaking. The expense could be huge, says the SaveTheTungsten FB page.

The most energy-efficient building in Utah is Wetland Discovery Point at the USU Botanical Garden in Kaysville, reports Marie Titze, who visits the building and gardens and talks to visitors.

Then Courtney Robinson check in with local beekeeper Chris Jeppson, whose four hives are thriving and abuzz this spring.

She then reports on Aggie sports news, including a new USU assistant athletic director for football, and the forecast for the Final Four confrontations in the NCAA tournament this weekend.

Speaking of weekend, it’ll be wet through Monday, says weatherman Brandon Fonda, as April showers get to work on May flowers.

All this and more on Cache Rendezvous on Aggie TV News.


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