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At Casey’s Barber Shop it’s a beard trim and a haircut, 12 bucks

November 5th, 2011 Posted in Arts and Life, Business

‘I think those Beatles screwed up the whole world when it comes to men’s hair.’ – Casey Corbridge, Smithfield barber

By Nick Bolinder

SMITHFIELD – Casey’s Barber Shop has been a fixture on Main Street since 1973, but the barber is not named Casey. Seventy-seven-year-old Kendall Corbridge is the longtime owner of Casey’s Barber Shop. Corbridge has gone by Casey since he was young. He is a proud St. Louis Cardinals fan, but he is not a fan of the Beatles.

“I think those Beatles screwed up the whole world when it comes to men’s hair,” said Corbridge. “The Beatles caused what I like to the call barber recession with their long hair.”

Corbridge has never been a fan of long hair during his career as a barber, which started in 1957 in Salt Lake City. He attended barber school at Salt Lake Barber College after he got out of the Army.

“I got out of the Army and had nothing to do, I had a wife, a kid, and one on the way. I had to do something.” When Corbridge first began cutting hair he charged $1.25.

“By the time I left Salt Lake I was charging $1.50. I started cutting hair in Hyde Park and eventually moved to Smithfield. I had to go back to $1.25,” explained Corbridge. “After 15 years I was able to charge $2.50.” The current rate at Casey’s Barber Shop is $8 for a haircut and $4 for a beard trim.

Corbridge “semi-retired” nine years ago and only takes appointments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. “If I don’t have any appointments I don’t stay.”

Corbridge uses the spare time to play golf at Birch Creek and Sherwood Hills golf clubs. When he “semi-retired” he had to undergo back surgery which required three vertebrae to be fused together. “It has helped a lot,” said Corbridge. “I’ve been very Lucky.”

When asked why he continues to cut hair Corbridge said, “I use it as more of a BS session, to stay out of my wife’s hair, and to make enough money to play golf.”

Corbridge’s wife has been retired for 25 years. She used to work retail at a store called Mountain Farms that was located on 10th North. The couple go to St. George for three months of the year, usually beginning Jan. 1.

“I don’t cut much hair in St. George,” said Corbridge. “Just a few in the carport at the house.”

Corbridge has had the same shop in Smithfield since it opened in 1973. He has seen a lot of things change around him during this time.

“I thought people were crazy for putting in a curb and gutter from here to Logan,” he said. “I remember when there were two buildings on the drive to Logan about 30 years ago.”

When asked about how the rent has changed on the building since moving in Corbridge smiled and said “not much I have a good landlord.”


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