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Author tells young women how to be Hepburns in world full of Hiltons

February 2nd, 2012 Posted in Arts and Life

How to present yourself so you won’t be embarrassed when you look back on your life and decisions

By Shannon McCleve

LOGAN – With New Year’s resolutions still fresh on everyone’s minds, becoming your best self is on the top of the list. At least it should be, says Jordan Christy, author of How To Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World.

Christy, a publicist for Warner Brother’s Records from Nashville, Tenn., spoke about her book Wednesday night in the TSC Ballroom at Utah State University. The book is a “modern-day etiquette book” about how to present yourself in a such a way that you won’t be embarrassed when you look back on your life and decisions, she said. The book is for girls who don’t want to fit the Paris Hilton, tabloid-type women portrayed in the media.

“It’s something to help those girls out there know that they’re not alone in how they feel,” she said.

The book is about how women can have more class in an ever-growing sea of reality TV stars.

Christy gave four ways in which women can improve themselves. First, she said, have a good work ethic. “If you put forth your best effort, that’s how things happen,” she said. “A little work ethic goes a long way.”

She said she sees a lot of young interns that are the “wanna-be rock stars” and expect more than achieve. She works with people who want to break into the music industry. She sees some women on TV and she doesn’t understand how they can be proud of what they’re doing.

The second thing is to be smart about your language, she said. She demonstrated the difference by comparing a quote from Benjamin Franklin to a quote from Paris Hilton. She told everyone present to keep thinking about intelligent things and to make a “smart-girl list.” This list would include books you want to read, cultures you want to know more about and places you would like to see.

The third thing is to choose your friends wisely. “One friend can make a huge difference in your life,” she said. “They play into the whole picture of who you present yourself to be. You’re judged by the friends you keep.”

She told a story of when she was in junior high. She said she didn’t get along with the most popular girl in school so everyone hated her, except one girl. “There was one girl who was really sweet,” she said. “She was the only one who would talk to me.” That one girl helped her to get through school and made things a little easier. She said not to worry about having a lot of friends because the ones that are really worth having are the ones that stick around.

The last thing is to dress classy, she said. She explained that you don’t have to be trendy or have the latest styles. “It all starts on the inside,” she said. “If the beauty isn’t on the inside, it doesn’t matter what you wear.”

There were men in the audience as well who wanted to know how they could have more class. She recommended the same things to them.

“Be confident. Stick to your convictions,” she said. “I think people should be themselves but always be the best possible version of yourself.”

Audience members asked her advice about friends, dating, work environments and raising a family. Her resounding theme was “stay true to who you are.” She spoke to those who wanted her to sign their books.

She talked about the positive and negative feedback she has received from the book. She said at first it was hard to not think about the negative things people would write, but she decided not to let any of the reviews get to her.

“The minute the fame goes away, you’re left feeling empty,” she said. “At the end of the day you just have to be happy with yourself.”

The book is sold in major bookstores and on amazon.com for $10.98.


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