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Bridger area residents protest realignment of 100 West in Logan

October 15th, 2014 Posted in Opinion

Story and photos by Michael Royer

LOGAN — More than 80 concerned Logan residents packed the city-sponsored neighborhood meeting at Bridger Elementary School gymnasium Tuesday night to discuss issues that concerned them, particularly the proposed realignment of 100 West St.

Logan residents packed Bridger Elementary School Tuesday night to air opinions about the realignment of 100 West. Listening to them (seated in the front, left to right) are Justin Allen, Crew Chief of Logan City Parks; Emily Malik, Logan city conservation coordinator; Mike DeSimone, Community Development director; Mark Nielsen, Public Works director, H. Craig Petersen, mayor; Sgt. Jeff Simmons-, Logan City Police. Photo by Michael Royer.

“I guess all we need to do to boost attendance for these neighborhood meetings is discuss a controversial issue,” Logan Mayor H. Craig Petersen said.

“The current traffic flow in the area of 100 West and 700 North is just inadequate and needs to be improved,” Petersen said. “Making this improvement would improve flow to Utah State University and relieve the congestion on Main Street through Logan.”

The problem with one of the current improvement options is that the redesigned road would cause the city to purchase nearly $2.5 million in existing homes under eminent domain.

The issue of eminent domain was a hot topic at the meeting. Eminent domain, which is in the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, is the power to take private property for public use by a state, municipality, a private person or corporation, following the payment of compensation to the owner of that property.

“This whole thing started about a year ago as just an idea,” said Melanie Peterson, a  resident affected by the proposed road adjustment. “Now there are plans that go right through the living room of my home. I just don’t understand how this is right, that is our home.”

Although plans have been drawn, there are still many uncertainties about what will happen and Petersen assured the residents he is looking out for their best interest.

“I publicly promise that as long as I am the Logan mayor that we will do nothing to implement this current realignment plan through your homes,” said Petersen. “We will look for another alignment, a better alignment to serve the people of Logan.”

One option that Petersen mentioned is to redesign the plan and have the new realignment pass through what is currently Bridgerland Park, which would have a minimal impact on residents in the area, Petersen said.

“We already own the park,” he said. “It would makes sense to make these road improvements in an area that will cause the public the least amount of stress and impact, and it seems like going through the park is the best scenario.”

Several citizens who attended the meeting voiced concerns for the future, when Petersen could be gone.

“What happens when you aren’t the mayor anymore?” asked Jessica Sanders, a Logan resident with a home on the proposed realignment. “My family plans to be here for generations, and it is great that you are saying that you don’t want to see this realignment happen now, but in the future that may not be the case.”

Many residents voiced their opinions and want this idea taken off of all records so there is no evidence and it can never be brought up again.

“Since it has been brought up to the city, it is now in the City of Logan Surface Transportation Master Plan,” said Mike DeSimone, community development director. “We can bring the issue up to the City Council and have a public hearing to see if we can get it deleted out of the plan if that is the decision of the public and city.”

The issue is far from being complete and there is sure to be more public comment at the Oct. 24 Logan Planning Commission meeting.

In other business, participants at the meeting discussed:

  • Wheelchair access improvements to sidewalks throughout the city.
  • Installing a stop sign and enforcing speed limits at 800 North and 200 West.
  • Water draining issues at 800 North and 200 West.
  • A clean up needed due to people throwing trash on an empty lot at 1950 North and 200 West.
  •  The need for a traffic signal at 1000 North and 200 West.
  • Current condition of the skate park.
  • Need for a traffic signal at 1400 North and 400 West.


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