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Canal company’s storage needs more than a pipe dream in Millville

October 16th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Rachel Kenley

MILLVILLE–Where can you keep three 22-foot by 18-inch pipes safe from thieves and curious children in Millville? That was the question the City Council attempted to answer Thursday night.

Glen Stringham, president of the Millville Canal Company, asked the council for a place to store his pipes. The large pipes are used to re-route water during the drying and cleaning of canals in Millville, “but we only need them now and again,” explained Stringham.

The pipes are very expensive and cannot be stored on an unsecured site, said city Maintenance Superintendent Gary Larsen.

Mayor Mike Johnson granted permission for the pipes to be kept in the city offices, but City Recorder Rose Mary Jones worried about the safety of housing the pipes so close to the city park, wondering if children would crawl into them.

Being that the pipes are only 18 inches in diameter, Larsen said, “That’s a real concern.” Stringham agreed, saying that in the past they have had problems with children floating through canals in lifejackets and becoming stuck.

“Most these kids here could climb through [the pipes],” Stringham said, gesturing to a group of Cub Scout attendees. Then, addressing the young boys, he said emphatically, “But don’t!”

It was agreed by council members that Larsen and Stringham should work together to find a solution to the problem, possibly by constructing end caps out of plywood.

In other business, the council reviewed the required city council meeting procedures and rules of ethics from the Utah State Code, heard reports from the Youth Council and Larsen, and appointed Rachel Thompson as a member of the Planning Commission.


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