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Cub River sports complex to stay in county, Richmond says

September 27th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Heidi Vaughan

RICHMOND – The City Council was unanimous Tuesday in regards to annexing  the Cub River Sports Complex into Lewiston. Their decision: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

The sports complex is located in Cache County, on land that was donated. The creation of the project was funded by RAPZ (Recreation, Arts, Parks and Zoos) taxes, and its purpose is for the use of the Richmond and Lewiston residents. The complex is a shared cooperative, and all expenses are split evenly between the two cities. Also, the care of the facility is shared, with the physical maintenance under Lewiston and the books and finances handled by Richmond.

The question of annexation arose because Gilt Edge Flour Mills Inc. is being annexed into Lewiston as part of an earlier contract made with the city. It made sense to address the possibility of the sports complex coming in as well, so both annexes could be handled at the same time, said Julie Bergeson, zoning administrator for Lewiston. “There is the question of whether or not one of the cities should annex it in. Neither city is ready or willing to do that yet.”

What the council wanted to be sure of was that the best effort was put forward to keep the intent of the original project, so it was agreed the better action was to leave it part of unincorporated Cache County.

Later in the meeting the council approved two ordinances focused on the rental of city-owned property. This concerned protocols to be observed, fees and rates. These are ordinances 2012-1 and 2012-3 and can be found on the city’s website.

Awards of appreciation were given to commissioners Daryl Black and Chris Anderson. The council expressed gratitude for the men’s service to Richmond.

Details of entertainment for the final Harvest Market were among the last to be discussed. A live band will play throughout the duration of the event. This year has been successful for the market, the last opportunity for anyone to attend will be Oct. 20.


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