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Dining Services and Aggie Radio team up for Trivia Night in the Hub

February 7th, 2015 Posted in Arts and Life

By Erin West

Utah State University Dining Services and Aggie Radio held a trivia night for students on Thursday.

“It was a team effort,” said Karli Salisbury, the manager of one of Dining Services’ on-campus cafes. “We divided and conquered between me and a couple of people in Aggie Radio and a couple of people in Dining Services. We chose our strong points and went with it.”

Students gathered in one of Dining Services’ locations, the Hub, for the premier of the event and were quizzed on six categories: pop culture, history, sports, local and university questions, math and science, and art.

After each round of questions, the judges tallied the scores of each team and winners were promised tickets to events, Dining Services coupons and, ultimately, a trophy.

“As an engineering student, I’m usually stuck studying so it was a nice break,” said Ryan Jenkins, a contestant on the Cheese and Trivia Crackers team. “I came with the thought that the questions would be easy, but they were actually pretty hard and I like that it was challenging. It made it more fun.”

“I usually go to the trivia night at the Beehive Grill downtown but this is more readily available,” said Anna Harris, a member of the Liberal Media team and winner of the trivia tournament. “I can see this getting really popular because the one at the Beehive has gotten really big and very competitive. Also, it’s a good little study break. Like, you could come down, eat some food and hang out with friends.”

The event will recur on the first Thursday of every month and both Salisbury and the marketing director for Aggie Radio, Riley Thompson, anticipate success for Trivia Night.

“We’re trying to make a new tradition,” Thompson said. “This was the first one, but we’re hoping it will get bigger each time.”

“Once you get that first one down, the next one will be even better,” Salisbury said. “I hope there will be a word-of-mouth type of thing and that it will have an atmosphere and environment that draws students toward it. We want to keep up the tradition and make sure we keep the dependability of it.”

Salisbury and Thompson agreed that pairing Dining Services with Aggie Radio on the event will improve the nightlife of the Taggart Student Center where the Hub is located.

“The Hub was ideal,” Thompson said. “We’re doing it at night because there’s a lag in business at that time.”

“People think the Hub closes a lot earlier,” said Alicia Frederickson, an employee of the Hub. “A lot of customers will come in at night and be like, ‘Oh you’re still open?’ I think Trivia Night will bring awareness to the fact that things are still open in the TSC late at night.”

Salisbury and Thompson were unsure about how many people would come to the first event, with estimates from a dozen people up to 60. After a 42-contestant turnout, they agreed Trivia Night has potential.

“It was kind of a trial run, but we had about as many people as we wanted,” Salisbury said. “So we’ll definitely do it again.”

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