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Fix 1600 East street before someone gets killed, North Logan residents tell council

September 17th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Amanda Pierce

NORTH LOGAN – Not everyone in North Logan is happy with the changes that the city council has made to its 2010 budget. A pair of local residents wants a road-construction project completed as soon as possible.

“I would like to request you fund the 1600 East (construction) and not just Band-Aid it. You need to fix it before someone is killed on that road,” said Denise Iverson.

There are joggers and bikers of every age on that road, Iverson said to the city council Wednesday, “And someone is going to be killed. I don’t want that on my conscience and I don’t think you do either.”

Another resident, John Robinson, agreed with Iverson. He said that when biking on 1600 East, he needs to weave all over just to avoid popping a tire. And he certainly wouldn’t let his kids walk on it.

“I can’t imagine there being a worse road in Cache Valley,” Robinson said.

City administrator/recorder Jeffrey Jorgensen said North Logan should move forward with engineering of 1600 East, so that if funds become available construction can begin. The engineering would cost between $2,000-$10,000. The city council passed a motion authorizing this expenditure.

Also Wednesday, the city council passed the new budget for 2010, with the amendment to revisit some parts if needed.

The original budget for 2010 was passed on June 17. But since then, the city has seen that some changes need to be made, Jorgensen said. There were some funds not spent this year that can now be put into the budget for next year. In addition, the fire and police departments received some grants that need to be implemented.

However, the city did not receive a $40,000 police grant it had requested from the federal government, he said. This grant was expected to be approved and had been factored into the earlier version of the budget.

The new budget also includes changes suggested by the street department. Previously there was no money in the budget for street maintenance, Jorgensen said, but now there is $26,000.

He said the old version of the budget had allotted $30,000 for metering canals. However, canal treatment may change in the next year, so the city is moving this money where it can be used better. One idea presented was to use it for storm water fixes.

Jorgensen said, “With these last few storms we’ve realized there’s a couple places where we might want to do some tweaking and changes.”

Following up on the construction project for 200 East, the bid was approved in a preconstruction conference Tuesday, Jorgensen said. The actual construction is scheduled to begin Sept. 21, but Parsons Construction Company will begin staking the area as soon as Friday.

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