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Flooded basements, closed roads still the story in Cache Valley

January 21st, 2012 Posted in Opinion

Photo and story by Jimena Herrero

WELLSVILLE – Rain continues to cause problems in Cache Valley. Several homes were flooded Thursday, and while conditions seem to be improving, residents faced more flooding on Saturday morning.

“Mother Nature humbles us when we need it,” Julie Willardson said.

The Willardsons have lived in Wellsville for approximately 37 years. Their home has been flooded four times. Their home is located on a slope and they said once it starts raining, flooding is almost inevitable.

“Through the past floodings we’ve learned not to have much of anything in the basement,” Willardson said. Part of their basement received at least five inches of water before they got it under control. They have installed two water pumps and sand bags around the property in an effort to keep damages at a minimum, she said.

Other residents weren’t as fortunate.

Vera Cutler, a resident of Wellsville for eight years, had never experienced problems with flooding until now. Half of her basement is currently flooded.

Cutler said they were able to get sand bags from the city to divert the water, but that was after their home had flooded.

“I don’t think there is anything the city could have done to prevent this,” Cutler said. “The ground is frozen and the water had no where to go.”

According to residents, flooding in the Wellsville area seems to be a matter of chance.

“The water just follows wherever the ground is most frozen,” Elizabeth Gill said. “There was a year where just about every house was flooded. The ground had become so saturated that the water had nowhere to go.”

Some homes have up to four feet of flooding and extensive property damage. The city continues to provide sand bags and residents have come together to help those in need.


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