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Logan becoming destination for antique fans, history buffs

August 2nd, 2011 Posted in Arts and Life

By Megan Hoth

LOGAN—Home to at least five antique shops, Logan offers citizens and visitors the opportunity to explore history and tradition, and is also becoming a destination spot for antique travelers.

“Cache Valley lends itself well to all of the antique shops,” said Bettie Marble, owner of Browse Around Antiques at 180 W. 1200 South. “There’s an aura about the valley, it’s backed with history and antiques are just comfortable in it.”

Marble said that she doesn’t worry about competition because each shop has its own flavor and there is room for everyone. She likes to work with other shops when customers can’t find what they are looking for in her store.

Connie Tibbits, owner of It’s About Time Antique Mall, at 538 S. Main St., said that it’s better to have multiple antique shops so close to each other because it turns Logan into a destination spot for antiquers. She said that it encourages travelers to come to Logan and gives them a chance to stay for a night or two because there are more places to look at.

Marble said that antiques and collectibles have always been popular, but shows like The Pickers and Pawn Stars are drawing more people into antique shops.

“There’s a trend towards younger people,” Tibbits agreed, “especially newly married couples who are decorating a house around that old-time feel.”

Jessie Lambourne, 23, of Logan said that she can often be found browsing around local antique shops on Saturdays.

“It’s a great way to learn a little bit of history while having fun,” she said. “I like to find unique pieces that I can use to decorate or pieces that I can refinish and make my own.”

Tibbits said many antique and collectible fans like the hunt—you never know when you’ll find a treasure. “It’s funner than shopping at normal stores because it can be cheaper and the items are usually made better,” she said.

Tibbits said that it’s important to keep antique items or donate them for others to enjoy. She said too many people clean out their houses and just throw away too many pieces that have such a rich history.

“It’s important to have a balance of both old and new,” said Marbel. “You have to be comfortable with it. Don’t buy something unless you can live with it. It distresses me when someone has an antique and just locks it away.”

Whether it’s helping a piece of history live on, a weekend craft project or just a love for all things old, Logan can offer locals and travelers with a wide variety of antique stores to fit any taste.

Other local antique and collectible stores:

• Country Village Craft and Antique Mall, 730 S. Main, Logan

• Hidden Treasures, 692 N. 600 West, Logan

• Savvy Brothers Consignment, 855 S. Main St., Logan

• East and West Antiques, 55 N. Main St., Logan



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  2. By Citizen Test on Aug 6, 2011

    Oh, yes! That is very true. I come from the UK and a number of shopping centres do have a concentration of antiques shops, especially in villages close to wealthy areas. However, the astute antiques buyers tour the most rural country areas, and stop off at remote antiques shops where they can look at the goods on offer and pick up bargains to resell into the wealthy suburban village antiques shops. There have even be TV series where contestants vie with each other to make the biggest profits this way.

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