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Logan City adopts new neighborhood business guidelines

July 7th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Megan Hoth

LOGAN — The Logan City Council approved a new land development code concerning standard for  neighborhoods in a vote of 3-1 Tuesday night.

The vote came after a public hearing and much discussion on whether the code was too restrictive and might hurt Logan businesses. The greatest concern size of a center, the proximity to another center, and the zoning changes if a center is vacant for more than a year.

But Mayor Randy Watts says he’s not sure about the plan. After the measure passed, Watts said he would veto the it because the code was still unclear. Watts said he thought it was important to put the code on hold until it went through the process of being reviewed by Envision Utah.

Watts has 15 days after the vote to review the measure and come back to the Council with his decision. The City Council can override Watts’ veto with a  two-thirds vote.

Craig Osterloh, owner of Fredrico’s Pizza, said he thought it was important that the city take advantage of Envision Utah, a non-profit organization that provides cities with guidance on how to develop growing areas.

Councilman Jay Monson, who was the opposing vote, agreed with Osterloh. He said that the code was in no rush to be passed and that it was “important to make sure that the code is still up to Envision Utah’s standards.”

Councilwoman Laraine Swenson disagreed, saying that the Council had been given Envision Utah handbooks, knows what the guidelines were, and that Envision Utah is a facilitator, not a city planner. She said the city looks at businesses overall and does not look at how to specifically help one business’s growth. The code was ready to be implemented and was a good fit for Logan City, she said.

“This is a living code,” said Councilwoman Holly Daines. “It’s not like it will never change again. I think it is a good start and can be amenable in a couple of year if it is not working.”




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  1. One Response to “Logan City adopts new neighborhood business guidelines”

  2. By Dan Smith on Jul 18, 2011

    I’ve never heard of Envision Utah. Does this company have its hand in the cookie jar often regarding issues of building and zoning? What does this vote mean for the citizens of Logan?

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