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Love That Cookie! wins approval from Wellsville Planning & Zoning

December 2nd, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Mandy Morgan

WELLSVILLE — A pleasing conclusion was reached for Krisanne Smith at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Wednesday, as she was granted a conditional use permit for her in-home business.

Smith had requested the permit to sell cookies from her home, Chairman Loyal Green said as her case was introduced to the commission. The biggest questions they had for Smith about her business was whether customers would be coming to her home and how shipping would take place for orders from her baking business, Love that Cookie!

“I will bake everything in my home — gourmet cookies, bars and brownies,” Smith said of the bakery business she is starting in her home at 20 N. 900 East in the city.

“I plan on doing deliveries and shipping online,” she said. “I won’t have people ever come to my home to pick them up.” There are a lot of extra terms and conditions added to permits when the businesses have costumers coming to the home, according to the commission.

Smith is not planning on having anyone come to the house, making it a lot easier for the permit to be granted. “If it’s local I will do all the deliveries,” she said.

Other components that the commission has to take into account for an out-of-home business permit are outside employees and health license issues.

“I am in the process of getting that (license) right now,” Smith said. Once she goes through the health inspection process, Smith will be certified to sell her food, and a food handlers permit will be included with it.

“It’s a quite a process,” Smith said when asked about how everything with the health procedure is going. “I have to get every recipe approved.”

On top of these procedures, someone from the Health Department will also have to come out and inspect her home at some point before she will be certified to sell from it. As for other employees, nobody will be employed by Love that Cookie! outside of Smith’s family.

“I trust myself and myself only,” Smith said about baking the goods for her business.

Her neighbors are completely compliant about the idea of her home business. “As long as I keep baking them cookies they are fine!” Smith said.

Smith is hoping to start up her business as soon as possible, to deliver goodies to any who would be willing to order and enjoy.

After brief discussion about these details for her business, the commission approved the permit. Smith will be part of Wellsville’s City Council agenda for their meeting next Wednesday at 6 p.m.


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