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Mendon approves building permits in order to pay for water pipe

October 15th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Brandon Fonda

MENDON – City Council members voted to allow 15 building permits through Oct. 15, 2013, in order to fund a new water pipe. This is the first time in three years that any permits have been allowed.

The permits will be given in order to generate revenue so that the city can pay for a water pipe.

“The pipe will cost about $77,000,” Councilman Jon Hardman said.

For the past three years Mendon has not issued a single building permit because of severe water shortages Because of this, Councilman Kelly Barrett expressed concern about the amount of people who may want permits.

“Won’t this cause a mad dash to get permits?” asked Barrett.

Although there have been residents waiting to build new homes, Treasurer Daphne Carlson said that it wouldn’t be a problem. “I know of only four permits waiting for approval,” Carlson said.

The reason for the specific number of permits was also a topic of discussion. “Fifteen permits will be enough to generate the money needed to cover the costs of the pipe,” Hardman said. “We don’t want to go over 15 because there still is not enough water as it is.”

The need for the permits came when Mendon was denied grant money from the state to install the pipe.

“We didn’t qualify for the grant but we also didn’t want to go into more debt for the pipe,” Hardman said. “This way we can generate money through water impact fees that come from the new permits.”

The pipe will be used as a backup measure that will transport water from a new well being dug to Cobblestone well, which has had problems with its nitrate levels making water undrinkable in the past.

“This way if the nitrate levels in the Cobblestone well become too high, we can transport water from the new well into Cobblestone which will dilute the nitrate, making the water drinkable again,” Harman said.


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