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Mendon discusses Eagle Scout bridge project, what to do about junk cars

October 10th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Kade Delis

MENDON—City Council members gathered Oct. 8 at Mendon City Station to discuss issues concerning the community.

The discussion began with an Eagle Scout named Josh McBride who was announcing a project for the Eagle Scouts. He attended the meeting to allocate funds. His project is to build a bridge at 300 North St. for the city school. The bridge will be 50 ft. long and 6 ft. wide, implemented with needed steel, powdered, and is fitted with the correct rails. Josh said he was not sure what range of funds was needed but that $10,000-$15,000 was the desired quota for this and other projects. He said they will have engineers to help them and be equipped for the stream that runs sideways. Josh mentioned the need for a signed waiver from Mayor Mike Morgan and he said he would comply.

Later, the council discussed the need for responsible debris management that they called the Junk Storage Ordinance Amendment. This topic concerned the city’s collectors of old cars. Some of these old cars are rusting with time and decaying. One of the cars mentioned was an aging Volkswagen Rabbit with weeds growing out of the floorboards. One of the council members, Phil Coulter, is himself a collector of antique cars like this. The council said that it would be fair to revise this amendment. Councilman Jon Hardman suggested a public hearing for anyone with this kind of paraphernalia but it was rejected because it was not money related. Council member Jason Wooden, in charge of planning and zoning, expressed his disregards for the amendment saying, “I hate telling people what to do with stuff in their yard.”

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