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Mendon must raise $1.2 million for water well; sets public hearing

November 18th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Brandon Fonda

MENDON – City Council members met to discuss what steps could be taken by the city to help raise revenue to pay for a well project. A future nuisance ordinance was also looked at. Both subjects were scheduled for public hearings in the coming months.

Councilman Jon Hardman estimated that the cost of the well, which has been dug to help solve the city’s water shortage problem, will come to $1.2 million. And although the city is handing out 15 new building permits to help raise revenue, this is not enough to cover all costs.

“We need to discuss how we are going to pay for this,” said Mayor Ed Buist.

Even though the city will not have to pay the full $1.2 million due to grants and loans acquired from the state, they will be responsible for a good amount, an unknown amount at this time, but an amount that the council views as way over the yearly city budget.

“We need to get somewhere tonight,” Buist said. “I want us to have a full knowledge of what changes we can make by the time this goes before the public in four weeks.”

Three of the ideas brought up by the council were to lower the 10,000 gallons a month that residents can use before overage fees apply to 8,000 gallons; increase the water impact fees, which are currently set at $5,371 for those who acquire building permits ; or install new meters to replace the old ones that have been giving inaccurate water usage readings.

“One thing we can do is send out a letter explaining some of the options and exactly why we need to do this,” Councilman Shawn Osborne said. “This way the public will be educated and aware of the public hearing.”

The public hearing has been scheduled for December’s city council meeting.

In other business, a nuisance ordinance was brought to the council after being passed by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“As a result of the complaints about noise that you are all aware of, we have looked into our records for a noise law but found out that we do not have one,” said Burnis Skinner, chairman of the planning and zoning commission. “We would recommend that this ordinance is adopted into the city.”

The law was briefly explained that machinery may only be used between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. with the exception of farmers, who may run their equipment before 7 a.m.  if needed. Also there will be no disruptive noises or parties after 10 p.m..

“We understand that this is an agricultural city and that farmers get up early and use their equipment,” Skinner said.

The public hearing for the nuisance ordinance is scheduled for February’s city council meeting.

“I would ask that the council goes over the nuisance ordinance to schedule a public hearing for February if all is in accordance with the council,” Buist said.


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