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Millville City Council discussion goes to the dogs again for round 2

October 29th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Rachel Kenley

MILLVILLE — The City Council once again discussed kennel license compliance issues at the meeting Thursday night. Last month Jessie Floyd, a Millville resident, complained about his neighbor Lisa Shaw, and the number of dogs kept in her backyard.

Councilman Brian Jensen requested that the issue, which has not been discussed at a council meeting since that time, be put on the next agenda.

Mayor Mike Johnson stated that there was nothing to discuss, as Shaw is now in compliance with city ordinances. Jensen disagreed, saying, “I’d like to hear what was done. Is it put to rest, or will it come back next month?”

Jensen stated his concern over Floyd’s threats to sue the city if the issue was not dealt with, and suggested that animal control officer Kenny Eggleston do regular inspections to insure compliance.

Johnson replied, “Even if a citizen says, ‘I want this done or I’m gonna sue’ all we can do is rectify the situation. It’s hard for us to inspect every place. It’s easiest for Jessie just to keep an eye on it.”

When he made the initial complaint, Floyd said he didn’t think neighbors should have to be responsible for enforcement of ordinances, and that he didn’t want to “be the Gestapo.” Floyd was not present at Thursday’s meeting and could not be reached for comment before deadline.

Despite Mayor Johnson’s best efforts at dissuasion, Jensen did not back down but again insisted the issue be put on the agenda for the next meeting and that Eggleston appear to make a report. “We contract with Animal Control to take care of ordinances,” Jensen said. “[Eggleston] has to count dogs sometime, or this will raise its ugly head every year, as it has in the past.”


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