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Millville council grants land waiver on Mathews property

October 10th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Cassidee Cline

MILLVILLE—The City Council voted 3-2 in favor of granting a land waiver for subdividing property Thursday.

Linda and LaMont Mathews own property on 474 N. Main St. They wanted to subdivide property north of their home so their daughter, Cindy Rechsteiner, could build a home and continue living near them in Millville.

City ordinance requires the dedication of 6 feet of property to the city from landowners who choose to subdivide in the area of 450 to 550 North Main. The 6 feet would be used to create a right of way and a sidewalk for that street.

Also, city ordinance only allows one house per parcel of land. If landowners wish to build another home, they must first subdivide their property from one parcel into two.

Mayor Mike Johnson said the decision the council has made allows the Mathews to subdivide their property without having to dedicate the 6 feet. However, if the Mathews choose to sell property to south of their house or subdivide their property again, they will have to dedicate a part of their property to build a sidewalk.

“I was happy, I was really happy,” Linda Mathews said about knowing that her daughter and grandchildren will still be close by.

Rechsteiner said she wished the process would have been faster but overall thinks it’s a good compromise. Along with the stipulation of dedicating land to the city if any more subdivisions were made, Rechsteiner said they are required to have a right-of-way sign on their street, which she said isn’t too big of a deal.

Johnson said they have the ability to do what they want with the subdivided property, but they still have applications to go through that include a building permit. He said the Rechsteiners should be able to acquire what they need without any major problems.

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