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Millville man gets out of jail early thanks to job offer

April 9th, 2013 Posted in Opinion

By Dawn Otterby

LOGAN — Finding full-time employment was key in the early release from jail of a Millville man convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery and assault. Jedidiah Gilbreath, 21, was released April 1 after being hired at Burger King.

Gilbreath was arrested Nov. 28, 2012, and charged with felony sexual battery, assault, disorderly conduct and intoxication. On Jan. 22 he pleaded guilty in 1st District Court to reduced charges of misdemeanor sexual battery and assault.  Judge Thomas Willmore sentenced Gilbreath to serve 365 days for the sexual battery charge and 180 days for the assault charge. Willmore also credited Gilbreath for 15 days he’d already served and allowed Gilbreath to participate in the work release program.

At an April 1 sentence review hearing, Gibreath informed  the court that he had found full-time employment at a  Burger King restaurant in Cache County. Gilbreath said he had been hired March 31 and was scheduled to start work April 2.

After serving less than 100 days of his 545-day sentence, Gilbreath was granted early release. Willmore ordered him to report to Northern Utah Private Probation April 2 at 9 a.m. before starting his new job.

“Don’t quit, don’t get fired, don’t leave that job,” said Willmore, as a warning.

Gilbreath is required to complete one year of probation during which he must complete substance abuse classes, abstain from alcohol and maintain full-time employment. If he fails to meet any of these requirements Gilbreath may face more jail time.


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