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Millville school’s budget is tight, principal tells community council

April 14th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Mariah Noble

MILLVILLE–Principal Maria Nielsen told Millville Elementary School’s Community Council Wednesday morning that money would likely be tighter for the upcoming school year than it was this year.

In an administrative meeting Tuesday night, Nielsen found out the district will no longer be providing money to fund retirees’ health insurance, so the state must now give money to compensate retirees. This means that even though the district budget sounds bigger, it isn’t.

“It looks like we’re in the hole,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen said the school is still expecting some funding from the state school trust lands. She presented a rough draft of the submission application to the council and suggested that at the next meeting they write thank-you letters to state officials who make it possible for the school to receive the funding.

“That money is always under attack at the Legislature,” Nielsen said. “I’m not sure how many letters they get like that.”

Nielsen said there would likely not be as much land trust money carrying-over to next year, but she wants to stay up-to-date on technology. Last year, the school was able to buy smart boards, projectors, VCR/DVD combinations and speakers with their land trust money. She said Alan Gibbons, a tech coordinator for Cache County School District, visited their school and said Millville had more technology than any other elementary in the district.

Nielsen said if the state lands trust does not give the school enough money, she plans on writing grants to make up the difference of what they need.

Nielsen also discussed the state’s new guidelines for school community councils. The council’s term is for two years, so almost everyone on the council will retain their positions in the upcoming year. The only change for next year is that the new PTA president will replace the current PTA president on the committee.


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