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Mini-helicopter buzzes Quad

April 22nd, 2010 Posted in Opinion

Story and Photos by Cassidee Cline

LOGAN—Spectators goggled as a 5-foot remote-controlled helicopter lifted off from the east end of the USU Quad Monday and flew back and forth over passing students.

The mini-chopper, made by Leptron Co. of Ogden, is about the length of an adult with a cockpit no bigger than a child’s torso.

Leptron’s Scott Heath and Jared Salzmann showed off the heavy duty military-grade aircraft, which can be used for reconnaissance, search-and-rescue, or to carry video cameras.

“It is meant to save lives and keep people out of harm,” Heath said. He said the craft is fully automated and can make up to 500 corrections per second.

For someone who flyes aircrafts, that’s a really good system, he said. It has satellite GPS and infrared for navigation, Heath said.

The idea, he said, is to be able to explore places that might be inaccessible for humans to reach, or too dangerous for humans, and the helo can carry cameras or videocameras, with the ability to fit into tight spots, hover one foot off the ground or jumping to 1,000 feet.


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