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N. Logan library seeks bigger turnouts at Monday Movie Nights

October 28th, 2015 Posted in Arts and Life

By Jaesea Gatherum

NORTH LOGAN — The North Logan Library is getting in the Halloween spirit by showing spooky movies during its regular Monday movie nights this month. The library staff hopes more people will attend because of the holiday theme.

“Usually there is a bigger turnout during the holidays,” said Mallory Robison, the library staff member who plays the movies each Monday evening.

Ten people arrived to watch the movie “Monster House” last week, which Robinson considers a “good turnout.”

The tradition of movies at the library started during the summer. Parents could drop their kids off for a few hours on Tuesday afternoons while they ran errands, Robinson said.

According to Robinson the Tuesday afternoon movie day was a huge success. “Sometimes there were 30 people,” she said. But turnout dropped off when movies changed to Monday evenings.

To increase the number of people who come to movie night, the library shows movies that appeal to younger families, because those get the best crowds. “We used to show PG13 movies, but there wasn’t a large turnout,” said library receptionist Michelle Tippetts. “So we went back to showing children’s movies.”

But just because the library doesn’t specifically show movies for older audiences doesn’t mean that high school and college students don’t attend.

Hope Dutson and her friend Kili Gardner, both Sky View High School students, went to the library to watch “Monster House” after they got off work.

“When I was little I came to the movie nights and I loved it,” said Dutson, who added that she and Gardner will be going to more movie nights in the future.

On its regular movie nights, the library shows newly released movies, rather than educational movies, to get a bigger audience.

“Popular movies like the new ‘Cinderella’ movie and ‘Night at the Museum 3’ had large turnouts,” Tippetts said.

The library staff hopes these changes will increase the number of people who come to the movie nights.

More movies and other events are listed on the library’s website.


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