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N. Logan mulls city’s need for protection from high school home runs

November 14th, 2014 Posted in Opinion

By Katherine Lambert

NORTH LOGAN — Precautions to prevent grand slams from the new high school’s baseball field from flying into 400 East were discussed on Thursday at the North Logan Planning Commission meeting.

While a high school athlete would have to hit a baseball approximately 450 feet to get a ball across 400 East, Cache Landmark engineering department manager Lance Anderson said he would take that into consideration as the field was built.

“That’s one of the things we could look at as far as the rightfield fence,” Anderson said. “We do have a buffer after that of about 20 to 30 feet before you even hit the curb. I’ll check that, but you’re probably going to be getting 380 to 390 (feet).”

Commission chairman Chris Nelson added that possible adjustments to the field were “just something to consider,” given that the baseball field would be used primarily by high school athletes. “I used to play on a diamond like this and it was the goal to hit the cars in the parking lot,” Nelson said. “For us it was to hit the car on the far side, and we targeted them, and yes, we did hit them.”

A revision of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan lead to discussion of whether park trails should be more prioritized.

“Funding part of it is a huge part of it,” commission member Brett Robinson said. “If we we talk about trails as a part of the parks, that would be a great way to help us decide where our priorities are. I feel like the trails we haven’t forgotten, but prioritization… what they have been put down as, as far as funding, I’m not sure about, but I would like to see that prioritized.”

While surveys help to determine how the community prioritizes trails, public works director Alan Luce mentioned that hundreds of children who use park services do not get a chance to partake in the surveys.

“I think most of the population would agree with you,” Luce said. “Number one request on our surveys is trails and connectivity to the community. One of the problems though is we don’t send out surveys to the kids in the elementary schools. We have 400 kids playing soccer on any given Saturday. I don’t think they were involved in the surveys. But that’s always at the top, it’s what is always the number one on the survey, trails.”

Plans to make a three-lot subdivision near 3250 North and 1400 East were also discussed. The lots were originally part of a whole, but were broken up in the late 1970s.

“Sometimes we will have pieces that are broken up and different parties own different parcels,” city planning director Cordell Batt said. “But it wasn’t done — it was not done correctly through the subdivision process. So those parcels are now what we call buildable lots. So the subdivision process that we go through creates the lots and gives them buildable rights.”

In order for the lots to be buildable, the commission approved extending the road at 1200 East to give access to all three lots

“The plan is there is access or road that comes up 1200 East,” Batt said. “The plan was to tie that with the existing road. Eventually when these develop further, then that road will be put in. so what the proposal for this one is to extend that to give access to lots one, two and three.”


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