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Neighbors complain about Wellsville RV repair business

February 6th, 2014 Posted in Opinion

By Sarah Romero

WELLSVILLE—Neighbors of an RV repair shop in Wellsville are upset with the 15 trailers parked on the lot. There were supposed to be only five.

Wellsville residents complained to the Wellsville Planning Commission, which has ruled that South Valley RV Repair at 252 E. 760 S. violated zoning and conditional-use regulations.

The South Valley RV repair business is limited to five trailers at a time. Sarah Romero photo

The South Valley RV repair business is limited to five trailers at a time. Sarah Romero photo

The permit issued to owner Sandy Kurek limited the business to five trailers on the property at a time, said planning commission chairman John Spence. The permit also required repairs to be done inside.

“I’ve seen as many as 15 or 16 trailers at a time,” Spence said. “That wasn’t the agreement.”

A neighbor, who asked that her name be withheld, confirmed that the RV business has expanded beyond what residents expected. “One time, I counted 17 trailers there, and they park some on the street,” the neighbor said. “I’ve watched a guy come out and do the repairs right on the street.”

Spence said the business has violated a zoning code as well. The original property was .37 acres, but South Valley RV has expanded .20 acres west into a neighbor’s property. Spence said Kurek may have worked a deal with her neighbor, filed a lot-line adjustment with the county, and simply not told the city about it.

Even if a lot-line adjustment was filed, “approximately half of the commercial business is being conducted on residential land,” Spence said.

City attorney Bruce Jorgensen said Kurek needs to transfer the .2 acres of residential land back to her neighbor or file an application for an adjustment with the city.

“It needs to not be used for business purposes,” Jorgensen said, who noted that violating a zoning code is a class B misdemeanor.

South Valley RV owner Kurek said she was not aware of any violations and had not heard complaints from the neighbors.

“We don’t have that many trailers out there,” she said. “Let them complain.”

The planning commission hasn’t approached Kurek yet, but will do so with a notice written by Jorgensen, the city attorney.

“If there’s no compliance, then we will bring them in and file it as a misdemeanor,” he said. “I understand they’re trying to run a business, but they’re just not getting the right permits.”

Spence said he’s pleased it’s been a successful business, but understands residents’ objections.

“We have neighbors who are, I’m sure, very concerned, and I think we’ve let them down,” he said.

One neighbor said the trailers make it difficult to get in and out of her property, and the lights glare in her window at night.



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