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New Richmond highway sign in the works

September 4th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Dan Fawson

RICHMOND — Citing possible city code violations and a desire to be more in uniform with current city signs, Sharik Peck went before the Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday evening requesting permission to change the current sign outside his home business located on the highway.

Peck, a physical therapist and ergonomist, operates one of the two TeamWorks! Therapy LLC businesses located in Cache Valley.  As part of a current home-remodeling project, Peck hopes to replace his current business sign, left behind by the previous homeowner, with a low-level brick sign modeled after the newly rededicated city park sign.

“I don’t want it to draw too much attention,” Peck said, “but I want it looking like signs on the highway should be looking.”

Peck said his purpose in attending the meeting was to better understand city codes and regulations regarding home business signs.  He will return to next month’s meeting with a proposal with specifics for the new sign, and all indications are that the commission will support him if his sign meets city codes.

Randy Jones, Chairman of the commission, said he would prefer the wooden, rustic looking sign Peck proposed, but also noted that he would “be in favor of any sign that meets our (Richmond city’s) codes.”

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