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Nibley scores matching CIB grant for sewer and storm water project

September 7th, 2013 Posted in Opinion
NIBLEY — City manager David Zook reported to the City Council Thursday evening that Nibley was successful in obtaining a $62,500 grant from the Community Impact Board. The money from the grant will go towards Nibley’s sewer and storm water system project.

“It’s a 50 percent matching grant,” Zook said. “Which means the city will provide half of the funding, and the city has already budgeted to do that with our annual budget back in June, but we estimated that to do this project it could cost $125,000.”

It will be a two-part project that includes both a sewer master plan and a storm water master plan. It will evaluate Nibley’s current system and verify if and when it would need to be expanded because of the city’s growth, he said.

“We decided to do the two projects together because some of the GIS mapping and surveying could be done at the same time,” Zook said. “We felt like we could probably get a cost savings by combining the two projects.”

According to the Utah Division of Community Development, the Community Impact Board “is a program of the state of Utah which provides loans and/or grants to state agencies and subdivisions of the state which are or may be socially or economically impacted, directly or indirectly, by mineral resource development on federal lands.  The source of funding through CIB is the mineral lease royalties returned to the state by the federal government.”

Because of the cost estimate of the project, the grant was the largest that the city has requested from the Community Impact Board.


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