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North Logan City Council abolishes $135 storm water fee

October 2nd, 2015 Posted in Opinion

By Jaesea Gatherum

NORTH LOGAN — Citizens of North Logan will have one less expense when they build or remodel on their property because the City Council has abolished the city’s $135 storm water fee.

For less than an acre of land disrupted by storm water, $135 is an “unfair” amount, said director of public works Alan Luce.

The department had previously considered reducing the expense to homeowners by having builders pay a storm water fee that was 10 percent of the total building costs, capping the amount at $135. After looking into the matter further, however, Luce said he discovered that the fee wasn’t needed at all because storm water costs are already covered by the city’s uniform building code.

The uniform building code includes regulations that promote public health and safety. The UBC states that a builder must have a building permit, which is made up of building fees that include fees for water.

City Councilman Damon Cann said that if the storm water fee were abolished, taxpayers would be the ones having to pay for an inspector to go to building projects to look for storm water, but city administrator Jeff Jorgensen said that wouldn’t be the case.

“An inspector goes to a site to look at the foundation and then they see storm water,” Jorgensen said. There isn’t a separate inspector who goes to a site to look specifically for storm water, Luce added.

Luce and Jorgensen’s points were strong enough to have the council members vote in favor of removing the storm water fee.


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