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North Logan mulling plans to rezone city districts

October 2nd, 2015 Posted in Opinion

By Breana Bonner

NORTH LOGAN — The Planning Commission is considering changes to the North Logan City Zoning/Proposed Future Land Use Plan. The Commission discussed the changes at last week’s City Council meeting.

“When I started there where only four districts split down the middle,” said community development director Cordell Batt. “Utah State University landscape architect students came up with our first draft of the districts, and we’ve refined it a bit more. The next step is to take each one of these areas and do some open houses — get the community involved. They might decide they like the way it is and no extra planning is needed.”

The Commission wanted to do “something special” with the City Center, and this will be exhibited in the master plan for the district.

“It’s pretty impressive that we can have a rural feel in the city,” said Mayor Lloyd Berentzen, adding that he doesn’t want to compromise that.

The Industrial District and Commercial District were found to be too similar by the Planning Commission, and will now be combined in what is called the Business District.

New zoning maps will be printed with more distinct colors to make the key easier to read.

City Councilmember Nancy Potter called the various shades on the map “confusing” in their similarity. Naming of the districts is still up for discussion.

“I was pretty happy with what we had as a Land Use Element,” Batt said. “It’s been a while since we’ve revised it and I think it’s a good document. There weren’t a lot of changes we needed to make.”

The Planning Commission and City Council will be seeking feedback on the new zoning at future public hearings.

“I want to make sure we pull the community together and promote strength within them,” said City Councilmember Kristen Anderson.



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