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North Logan nixes limited-use library cards for non-residents

April 21st, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Emily Pannell Johnson

NORTH LOGAN—The City Council has voted down a resolution that would have provided non-residents with the option of buying a limited-use library card for $50 per year, rather than the non-resident family card for $163 per year.

Councilman Al Moser said on Wednesday that it wouldn’t make sense to adopt the $50 limited-use card before seeing what happens with the $163 family card that was just approved on March 16 and will be implemented on July 1. “If we adopted this, no one would buy the $163 card,” Moser said.

Moser said the limited-use card would give non-residents a better deal than residents. North Logan residents have a designated tax that goes to the library, they don’t have the option of paying $50 instead, he said. “I think we owe it to our citizens to not do this, not this fast anyway,” he said.

The limited-use card would have been a nontransferable card for a single individual, rather than a shared card for a household, and it would have allowed for fewer items to be checked out at a time. Moser said the non-transferability of the card and the limit on items still doesn’t prevent someone from checking out items for other people because there’s no way of knowing.

The council also discussed an ordinance for recreational vehicle park development standards that was recently drawn up by the planning commission. Mayor Lloyd Berentzen recommended that the council not adopt the ordinance, disallowing RV parks as a future use. Berentzen said the council could separately address standards for the two current RV parks, Rocky Mountain RV Park and Cache Bridgerland RV Park.

Berentzen, along with Councilman Kevin Dustin, said they don’t like having RV parks on Main Street; Moser said he doesn’t feel RV parks fit in anywhere in North Logan. However, Councilman Allen Kartchner said that by approving the ordinance it at least allows landowners to use their land that way if they’re willing to meet the designated conditions.

Berentzen said the difficulty is ensuring that owners diligently maintain the properties. “As you see growth in North Logan and the quality of growth in North Logan, you’ll see the difficulty in policing these areas.”

The council voted to table the issue until their next meeting. The council intends to invite Cache Bridgerland RV Park owner Steven Taylor, who is still in the development process, to attend the meeting to discuss his plans for the future.

In other business, the council heard budget presentations from the North Park Police Department and the Parks, Recreation, Cemetery and Facilities Department.


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