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North Logan resident files trespassing complaint against city

November 5th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Amanda Pierce

NORTH LOGAN–A former candidate for City Council said he filed a report with North Park Police because a city employee was trespassing on his property.

L. Alan Collins, who ran unsuccessfully for council this year, said in a council meeting Wednesday that a city employee was on his land to take measurements without his permission.

“Apparently the city believes it has a right of way,” Collins said. “If the city believes it has a right to be on private property, would (the city) at least consider communicating with property owners in advance so as to minimize any misunderstanding or confrontation?”

A city employee was taking measurements at 2690 N. 600 East, Collins said, and the employee did not ask permission to be on the property. He said he warned him that he was on private property without proper notice or permission. The employee agreed to leave but continued to take measurements on his way out, so Collins filed a trespassing report.

Collins said he wants the city to work with its residents. He said he has attempted to communicate with the city twice, but has only received silence.

“I would much rather work with the city, than feel like it is working against me,” Collins said.

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