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North Logan: Up to 4 unrelated people may live together in one house, planning commission says

November 5th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Chelsee Niebergall

NORTH LOGAN—The Planning Commission made recommendations to the City Council about regulating recreational vehicle overnight parks and single family residences Thursday.

North Logan is the only city in Cache Valley that will have an overnight recreational vehicle park once it is finished.

“The city council does not want this to happen,” said Cordell Batt, community development director. The concern of the city council was that the facility would not be maintained and looking nice and that it won’t be a successful business.

The commission also discussed the possibility of allowing only one RV overnight park in North Logan and see if they maintain the property and if the business turns a profit.

“Well, then you are just giving them a monopoly,” Lydia Emery, a North Logan community member said.

After the comment the commission defended their stance by saying it would only be for a short time and only be to see if the business would be an asset to the community. They also discussed how it would affect the people who live in the area where the park would be built, but they came to the conclusion that since it is a commercial area that it would have little effect on people’s day to day life.

They decided to take the ordinance back to the council to have them define the conditional use of the property for an RV overnight park.

Next on the agenda was to modify the regulations on single family residences in North Logan.

“The state regulations say that Utah State (University) doesn’t fall into our boundaries,” Mark Hancey, Planning Commission member said. So North Logan doesn’t qualify for having four unrelated people living in a resiidence. The Utah code has a limit on the number of unrelated people who can live in a residence occupied by a family unit.

After a short discussion the commission came to an agreement that a single family home can have up to four unrelated people living at the residence.

The commission decided to split the motion into two parts to present to the council. The first recommendation is a positive one on the definition of a single family home and the second is a negative recommendation on the RV overnight park.


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