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Obama-Romney too close to call, opinion pollster tells USU audience

October 21st, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Shayna Marcure

LOGAN — “I’m going to talk about politics because it is that time of the year,” began  Gary Langer, founder and president of Langer Research Associates, at Wednesday’s Common Hour presentation in the Taggart Student Center.

Langer is a professional public opinion researcher whose expertise lies in analyzing political, economic, and social attitudes of American communities. He touched briefly on the effect media have on public opinion, comparing a falsehood to tiny feathers flying away, and a man’s inability to collect them all once spread.

“We have one opportunity to get it right. We have to be aware of the information we share because we don’t want to spend our time chasing feathers,” Langer said.

Langer presented his company’s research along with the his ideas about America’s politics.

“Voting,” Langer said, “is about the country coming together to evaluate who are, where we are going, and what we want to be.”

According to the last Langer survey, 49 percent of Americans who are likely to participate in the upcoming elections are pro-Barack Obama, while 46 percent currently support Mitt Romney, neither candidate breaking a majority of 50 percent.

Near the end of the speech, Christine Arrington, senior USU lecturer, thanked Langer for his interesting presentation and asked who college graduates tend to lean toward in the presidential elections.

“It’s a huge disproportion,” Langer answered. “Those who graduated from a four-year university are mostly Republican, and post-grads are hugely Democratic.”

According to Langer, church attendance also has a huge correlation with political party association. Those who go to church regularly often have an ideological conservative preference, and will most likely vote Republican.

“Who is going to win the election? I don’t know. In a country that looks like this,” pointing to a nearly purple map of a blue (Democratic) and red (Republican) America, “anything is possible.”


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