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Organizers call public auction a success despite snowy weather

December 9th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Nick Rust

LOGAN–Utah Public Auctions held its first indoor public auction in Logan on Saturday. The owners said they plan on having a similar auction in the future if the right circumstances present themselves. “If we do it again we will try and do it in the summer when the weather is better.” part-owner Travis Green said. “Or we’ll do it all indoors where even the vehicles can be indoors.

“The weather really did hurt us,” Green said, referring to fact that it snowed on the day of the auction. Despite the weather, Green said the owners probably broke even or made a little bit of money.

“We haven’t searched out every dollar,” Green said. “After paying all the workers, the top three guys will probably split up a couple thousand dollars.”

Part-owner Jason Lyle said they threw this auction together in three weeks. He said the next one will be more structured. The auction allows people to clear empty rooms in the back of businesses or create more storage space, and earn extra income, Lyle said. The next auction would include silent auction for some of the smaller ticket items.

“I’ve been going to auctions for a long time,” Lyle said. “I enjoy the atmosphere.”

“There’s nothing like it in Logan,” Green said. “It’s a great opportunity for people to get some steals.”

The auction included items ranging from cars, trucks, snowmobiles and four-wheelers to various knick-knacks. Green said the vehicles sold for $200-$4,000. He said some people were probably shocked that their stuff didn’t sell for more. He said some people think stuff is worth more than it really is.

Green said he and his partners learned a lot during the process of putting together the auction. He said they made some mistakes, but did some things right too.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of businesses and this is pretty typical results for a first time business,” Green said. “Overall, it went pretty good.”

For more information on upcoming auctions from UPA visit www.utahpublicauctions.net.

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