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Paradise council clarifies advice for landscaping around gas meters

February 19th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Brandon Hadley

PARADISE — The Town Council has clarified Questar’s requests regarding landscaping around its gas meters.

On Feb. 2, Steve Krebs, area manager for Questar Gas, informed the Paradise Council that citizens are not supposed to cover pipes connecting to meters or landscape around them because it makes them difficult to access and service. This came after several residents and a council member had been told they weren’t allowed to cover up pipes entering the gas meter from the street.

The council has released a statement reminding residents that when landscaping around Questar’s meter set, to be sure the dirt level remains 10 inches below the shutoff valve located on the riser coming out of the ground. If the dirt comes in contact with the metal part of the riser or meter, corrosion may occur and cause gas to leak.

“It’s a hard thing monitor and check because we don’t read meters door to door anymore,” Krebs said. Questar appreciates all cooperation by citizens who abide by this recommendation.

If you have any questions regarding gas meters you should call 435-752-7751, or if you smell gas around a meter set call Questar’s emergency phone number, 1-800-767-1689.


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