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Paradise renews contracts with CCSO for law enforcement

September 24th, 2013 Posted in Opinion

By Christopher Farnes

PARADISE – It’s the time of the year when the town decides whether or not to renew contracts with the county.

The Cache County Sheriff’s Office, which provides law enforcement and animal control for Paradise, is asking that the town renew its contract. In the contract the CCSO promises to provide 73 hours of labor with a bonus of 300 hours of law enforcement for the next year in exchange for $3,336.

“Basically this is the same contract and same price as last year,” Mayor Leland Howlett told the Town Council. “It’s the same price that we’ve been paying for the sheriff’s office for quite a few years now.”

The CCSO also is in charge of animal control for Paradise, and that contract needed to be renewed as well. The fee is $2,000 for a year’s coverage.

“That’s the price we’ve been paying for the animal control to replace our old guy,” Howlett said. “I think generally most people are happy at where we are at with animal control although most people don’t call them, they just complain instead.”

Both contracts were approved unanimously by the four town council members present.

In other business, Councilman Jay Rinderknecht, who is in charge of the roads of Paradise, told the council he had finally paid the company that paved a few roads for Paradise. The reason for the delayed payment was that the council wanted the company to fill in a few potholes on the road. “I got a commitment out of him and he said that they are coming up here to do something else so they’ll fill them in then,” said Rinderknecht.

The last bill discussed was for electricity used by the generator for the Paradise Fire Department. The bill is $600, with the fire department paying half the sum and the city of Paradise paying the other $300.

“The firemen have been a bit busy lately with the fire in Blacksmith Fork Canyon but nothing too serious,” said Dale Anderson, council member in charge of grants, budget and fire. The volunteer firefighters recently helped in the containment of the fire in Blacksmith Fork Canyon that was started by a lightning strike and put out by the rain.

“We’ll talk about the generator in our next meeting after I look into what exactly what we are paying for here,” Howlett said. “Sometimes you spend money on repairs that you didn’t even need so we need to make sure that they are needed first.”


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