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Paradise residents raise clamor about proposed noise ordinance; council will rethink and vote at next meeting

September 30th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Seili Lewis

PARADISE — The wind outside was howling Tuesday night and tempers were rising inside Paradise Town Hall as citizens gathered to discuss an issue that is troublesome to many.

The issue at hand was the new noise ordinance that the city zoning committee is considering. The purpose of the meeting was to review the noise ordinance proposal and hear the concerns and suggestions of the people of Paradise.

Emotions were high as citizens took turns voicing their concerns about the implications of having a noise ordinance. Several citizens were against the creation of a noise ordinance and urged the council to encourage neighborly encounters rather than legal action to resolve noise issues.

“What in the Sam Hill happened to just getting along?” asked one.

Jennifer Willis was adamantly in favor of changing the current noise ordinance to better suit the needs of the town. Willis’s efforts even went as far as distributing flyers around town to try and promote people’s interest and educate them about the issue. Willis also posted several comments on the town’s Web site.

“I will keep an open mind about this ordinance, but certainly we can do something about certain noises that affect us all,” Willis said.

Some of the comments made were in favor of some regulation, but not necessarily happy with the noise ordinance that the council had presented.

“I’m all for compromise,” Ann Stark said, “but after three years of taking pies and breads over and you’ve been talking to the neighbors and they won’t listen, there needs to be some recourse.” Stark says she has been having difficulties with noise issues since her husband has recently had heart surgery and is having trouble getting the rest he needs to recuperate.

The council heard many concerns voiced by Paradise citizens Tuesday night and will take them into consideration and revise the noise ordinance. The ordinance will be further discussed and voted on during the next town meeting.

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