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Paradise woman must buy kennel license, court says

November 19th, 2013 Posted in Opinion

By Christopher Farnes

LOGAN – Judge Kevin Allen ordered a Paradise woman to pay a $100 fine and obtain a kennel license.

Levern Stephens pleaded guilty in 1st District Court Monday to eight charges of owning a vicious animal, all class B misdemeanors. Judge Allen gave Stephens six months to obtain a kennel license, the application for which costs $400.

“I am granting a plea in abeyance, which means that if you meet these requirements these charges will go away,” Allen said.

The charges came as a result of an investigation by county officials searching for abused pets, when they found that Stephens had too many dogs living in her apartment.

“Nobody told me about any kennel laws for dogs when I moved here from Rexburg,” Stephens said. “I’ve always lived in the country where no one cares if you have a bunch of dogs, so this is very strange for me. I mean they aren’t even dangerous, I just have six Yorkshire terriers.”

The prosecution made sure that Stephens understood all that she needs to do to obtain a kennel license. “You must also take care of all of the other things required like rabies and other shots that the dogs need,” said prosecutor Spencer Walsh.

Stephens accepted the sentencing but was not happy about the kennel law.

“I could still be turned down for the kennel license and I would lose my $400, so I’m not happy,” Stephens said. “I had to pay a $900 security deposit when I moved in so I could keep all of my dogs, so you’d think that my security deposit would be enough for them. Hopefully I can get a kennel license soon and put this all behind me.”


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