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Police report: Accused LHS thieves ‘did it for the rush’; trio suspended for Grizzlies’ championship game

October 28th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Kristi Lambert

LOGAN—Three Logan High School football players turned themselves in to LHS security officer Mike Russell on Tuesday, admitting to a locker room theft that occurred during a sophomore football game on Oct. 13.

According to the police report filed by Russell, the senior boys admitted to entering the team locker room and taking an iPod Touch, three iPhones and $2 from a teammate’s locked locker, which they opened with a key. It is not clear from the report how they obtained the keys to the locker room and lockers.

“All three explained … they did it for the rush and nothing more,” Russell said in the police report.

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The boys’ parents were contacted Tuesday after the they turned themselves in to Russell, and the school decided to suspend the students for the remainder of the day.

“All the boys stated they would try and make things right with the victims,” said Russell in the police report.

On Wednesday, authorities decided that two of the boys — both under 18 and not named by police — would be referred to juvenile court for theft. The third student, Darian Daniels, 18, will be cited for theft. The full consequences have yet to be determined, but the question of whether they will be able to participate in the first-round state playoff game against Herriman on Saturday has been settled.

Logan City School District Superintendent Marshal Garrett said school administrators decided Thursday afternoon that all three starting senior football players will be suspended from the undefeated Grizzlies’ championship game.

According to the police report, released Friday, the stolen iPod Touch and one of the iPhones were destroyed. The other two iPhones were returned to their owners.

At Logan High, students were trying to make sense of the thefts. “People are like, ‘What the heck?’” said senior Ashley Littell, captain of the varsity volleyball team. “We expected more out of these boys and we’re a little disappointed that they’d do something this stupid.”

“It seems like you hear things like this all the time. My friend had her iPhone stolen last year in class and no one really did anything about it. And I know a couple of stories like this,” Littell said. “So I’d say this wasn’t out of the norm really because people are always taking things.”

Other students were also focused on Saturday’s 4A championship football game against Herriman. Senior cornerback Johnny Luke said that, with or without his three teammates, believes the team will still play well come Saturday.

“We get prepared mentally and physically,” Luke said. “I think we’re going to be fine. The team isn’t made up of only three people. None of us are really worried about what happened. We’re not going to fall apart and let it set us back.”

The 10-0 Grizzlies will go head to head with the Herriman Mustangs, who have eight wins and three losses.

“We don’t take things lightly,” Luke said. “We are ready to play and show everyone we are a legit team and that not one little incident will slow us down. We’re just really excited.”


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