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Proposed Mendon land swap turned down by zoning board

February 12th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Teresa Nield

MENDON– A motion passed unanimously at Mendon’s monthly planning and zoning meeting that the 3/4 acre across from the Mendon station, owned by a Mendon family and proposed to be traded to the city for 7 acres on the west side owned by the city, is not a sufficient trade.

The board discussed the proposition and decided that the 7 acres on the west side is worth more because it can be zoned for commercial use. It was proposed that the city could use the 3/4 acre as a place to build a city office. However, the council agreed that the land next the Mendon Station would suffice as an office location.

In other business the board discussed possibly amending the zoning laws to allow for clustered single family housing as a more affordable housing option for potential residents. The proposition will be researched further. Also, the board removed a statement from the master plan that suggested secondary irrigation is provided to residents by the Wellsville/Mendon water line and through Mendon streams.

The board also discussed acquiring adequate cemetery land for future generations. The discussion was cleared up when Mayor Ed Buist said, “The city already owns it, so the expansion will lead to the west.”

Afterward, Chairman Burnis Skinner suggested the city update its current rates, “for almost everything,” he said. “I think they’re too cheap.” The suggestion was discussed but there was no vote.

Lastly, the board discussed possible Mendonites to nominate for seats on the board. City Councilman Bret Fonnesbeck said, “I like to get people on here that know about planning in other areas.”


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