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Providence P&Z gives approval to Sunrise Acres for new road

October 15th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Dani Hayes

PROVIDENCE – Sunrise Acres got the go-ahead to construct a new road after the Planning and Zoning Commission approved the company’s final plat for a new residential subdivision.

The road will continue 330 West running between 600 South and 700 South approximately. The land development company was planning on extending the project to connect the new road to 2100 South, which is a shared county road, but conflicts of property boundary line issues arose.

“[Sunrise Acre’s] surveyor said their property line is in one place and people on the south side of 2100 South said it’s in another,” said Skarlet Bankhead, city administrator. “That’s being handled separately. The city doesn’t get involved in property line disputes.”

The dispute is on-going, said Adam Mackelprang, a hired engineer representing Sunrise Acres. As for now, the new development will become a cul-de-sac allowing the construction of six residential subdivision lots, he said.

Originally Sunrise Acre planned on having 14-16 lots in the new subdivision if it was to extend to 2100 South, said Bankhead.

“He reduced the size of his subdivision to six lots – about a third of the original,” she said.

Developers will now need to finish the construction design which is done and approved through the city engineer. After its approval the company will present the development agreement to the city council for the final approval, said Bankhead.

“When he gets those two approvals,” she said, “we can record the final plat and at that point he can sell those six lots. He can sell the lots but people cannot get a building permit for the lot until he gets some of the public improvement works in – like he has to have the road, the water, the sewer, everything to go before we can issue building permits. So he’s got a little ways to go.”



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