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Providence woman turns all-natural beauty products into business

March 3rd, 2011 Posted in Business

By Shannon McCleve

PROVIDENCE — If you’ve ever been scared to look at the ingredients on store bought soaps or lotions, Evelyn Rust has one solution — go natural. Rust started an all natural beauty supply line of products and her own company called Sunshea Products three years ago. She sells home-made lotions, soaps, essential oils, lip gloss and a line of many other all natural products.

“I’ve always been interested in natural products,” Rust said. “We need to get back to Mother Nature and what she’s given us.”

Michelle Jaggi, one of Rust’s customers, said, “I absolutely love her soaps. Jaggi has been buying Rust’s soaps for a few years. “They smell good and make your skin smell good, they feel so clean and natural.”

Rust said she has always been interested in plants and natural herbs. She said she spent 25 years in the food and plant business before starting her natural products line.

“I wanted to move toward something that was close to my heart,” she said.

Michelle Satterwaite, who has also been buying Rust’s products for over two years, said she uses the lavender and peppermint essential oils on her son’s eczema and it helps to soothe his cracking skin.

“It’s like the instant Band-Aid,” she said.

Satterwaite also puts the oils on her children’s stomachs when they ache and she says they feel a lot better after.

Rust said she also does foot zone therapy, similar to reflexology. “I get a nice satisfaction form helping people feel better,” she said.

She said she has studied plants and essential oils for the majority of her life and she has learned the natural ways to help her body heal.

“People just don’t listen to their bodies anymore,” she said. “Try Mother Nature first and then see what other remedies are out there.”

Peetra Rust, Evelyn’s sister-in-law, is one of the family members that was a tester for Rust’s products. She said Rust has a very unique line of products.

”Evelyn in very careful to use only natural products,” Peetra said. “She knows how to use mixtures to make them fragrant and satisfying.”

Peetra said she uses a product called Tingle Toes, a product to help hard, cracking, calloused feet. “It’s made my feet into something I’m not afraid to show,” she said.

Rust said she sells her products mostly from home but sells at the farmer’s market as well. Her products can also be found in Tremonton’s Tips and Toes and at Maple Grove Hot Springs.


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