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Richmond already seeing more traffic on road to Cherry Peak resort

September 25th, 2014 Posted in Opinion

By Jared Dangerfield

RICHMOND — As workers prepare for the opening of Cherry Peak Resort set for Thanksgiving of this year, residents who live below the resort have seen an increase in traffic at 500 North and 300 East.

“I live right at the bottom of that hill and the traffic is easily three times what it was six months ago on a daily basis,” Paul Erickson, a member of the Richmond City Council, said at a recent council meeting.

With traffic already increasing in that area, Erickson asked Cache County Sheriff Deputy Jared Keller if they are preparing for more traffic when ski season arrives.

“Our resources are usually prioritized as needed, so if we see there is a problem that needs to be addressed then we will send more resources to that area,” Keller said.

Erickson said there is a subdivision north of the intersection that has added 15 new homes and may be another reason for more traffic, but that the long-term and major contributor will be the ski resort. The sheriff’s office is aware of the opening of the resort, Keller said, and it is something that is going to draw their attention.

“Clearly when the season starts, there is going to be a huge influx in movement,” Keller said. “Because we don’t have a pattern as of yet to know what to expect, we are just going to have to respond to it as needed.”


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