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Richmond Council approves use of building for Zumba class

April 18th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Chris Lee

RICHMOND — Zumba might be taught in the park and occasionally in the Community Building in Richmond.

Rebecca Gathercoal, who teaches Zumba at Park School, asked the City Council if she would be able to use the Community Building for an hour once a week for Zumba With Rebecca. She said she would like to teach the dance class in the park when possible.

The council voted unanimously to allow Gathercoal to teach the class, but required that she get a business license at next month’s city council. The council discussed the possibility of a fee and decided to make a fee structure to use the Community Building at the next meeting.

Councilman Brad Jensen said he wouldn’t recommend a fee for a venue like this. “I think a deposit might be a good thing to have on file,” Jensen said.

Councilman C.J. Sorenson said he thinks the council should create a fee structure for the building instead of deciding prices on a case by case basis.

“I think that it would be great to have a low fee, or maybe no fee, but we need to be consistent,” Sorensen said.

City Manager Marlowe Adkins said he recommends a $25 deposit for Gathercoal until they could see what the maintenance costs would be.

“If we got a low maintenance cost then that would be great,” Adkins said. “If we got a high maintenance cost that would be renegotiated. Just maybe have $25 on deposit at this point while we figure it out, that way nobody can accuse us of giving it away and it also gives the council an opportunity to do as C.J. is recommending and sit down and come up with a consistent policy that would apply across the board.”

The council approved the class with a $25 deposit, which will be reviewable in 90 days.

Mayor Mike Hall asked to discuss the fee structure at next month’s council meeting.

The council also approved an on-location photography business called Images by Sandy and a license for the new owner of Ellen’s Hair Den LLC.


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