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River Heights works to redefine zoning in Riverdale area

February 3rd, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Tyson Thorpe

RIVER HEIGHTS–The Planning Commission made progress Tuesday night in writing city code dealing with mixed-use properties as part of its general plan.

Currently, the Riverdale area is identified as mixed-use on the city’s general plan. The Riverdale area lies on the west side of the city along the Logan River and boundary with Logan.

Blake Wright, the city councilman over planning and zoning, wrote in an e-mail that Riverdale “has historically been agricultural and very low-density residential. It has been a very pristine area–really the epitome of country living. ” Wright wrote that the development of nearby commercial property, namely the Riverwoods, and the completion of 100 East Street, which passes through the area, may lead to landowners wanting to develop the area.

Chris Milbank, a seven-year commission member, said city officials hope the mixed-use property will be developed with some residential and small commercial buildings in the area. City officials want the area to be a place for people to come and shop, but be easily accessible.

“We want to try to encourage bikes and walking,” Milbank said.

Wright wrote, “We envision low-impact commercial development at the ground level with the possibility of residential above.”

City officials also hope that commercial development in the area will bring new revenue to the city, Milbank said.

About 10 years ago, some landowners in the Riverdale area de-annexed their property from River Heights to Logan, Milbank said. They wanted to allow for commercial development of their property and left the city over the conflict.

“Can’t just stick your head in the sand and hope it all blows away,” Milbank said of the Riverdale property owners’ desires to develop their land. He said the mood has changed in River Heights over commercial development of the area.

According to Wright, most of the area is currently zoned for low-density residential. This will not change until a landowner works with the city to change zoning on the property, Wright wrote.

“We want to have a general plan, and codes backing up the general plan, in place so that when a developer approaches the city we are prepared to work with them to provide the most attractive, successful and functional development possible,” Wright wrote.

The planning commission has been working to write city code for mixed-use properties in order to be prepared for possible future development in the Riverdale area, Wright wrote.

The new code will give developers a framework under which to work in developing the Riverdale area. The code discussed Tuesday night dealt mostly with landscaping and parking.

The planning commission is using city code from Logan, the Salt Lake area and some cities from the East Coast to develop the mixed-use code that will be applied to the Riverdale area.


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