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Saddle Rock subdivision OK’d as amended for first 6 phases

November 20th, 2014 Posted in Opinion

By Katherine Lambert

RIVER HEIGHTS — Plans for a new subdivision were approved as amended by the city’s Planning Commission Tuesday. In order to build Saddle Rock subdivision, which will be located at approximately 850 East and 600 South, certain stipulations will have to be met.

“We approve Saddle Rock subdivision phases two through six preliminary plat, on the condition that all the comments from the city engineer be satisfactorily addressed,” Commissioner Lorin Zollinger said.

In addition to the city engineer’s comments, Commissioner Blake Wright suggested a buffer be added on 1000 East to separate the homes from the road.

With these stipulations, phases two through six of the construction process are approved. However, it may take up to three to four months after construction begins before any of the lots in the subdivision go up for sale.

“We are actually interested in perhaps buying a lot,” said Lindsey Tenny, a potential buyer. “So we are just trying to figure out timing of things. So I’m just trying to figure out if that is what I can expect in the future. And when phase two will be complete.”

The amount of construction it takes to make a lot buildable is the reason phase two of the project will take approximately three months to complete.

“It takes, if you are really hustling, it takes three months to put all those infill structures,” developer Dan Hogan said. “ I say for every building you get 400 feet of underground (construction) because you’ve got to have sewer, you’ve got to have water, you’ve got to have gas and storm drain. So there are a lot of trenches dug and, whatever it is, it’s going to take three to four months construction.”

The commission also scheduled a hearing for Dec. 2 on changing city code for the height of commercial buildings.

“They are looking for three stories for this building,” city engineer Craig Rasmussen said. “The lower level wants more room. They want to continue planning of the building so they want to find out what the planning commission’s feeling would be on changing city ordinances so they have three comfortable stories.

The building would be approximately 40 to 45 feet tall and would possibly include a cafeteria-style restaurant.

“As far as retail we are building out of retail space,” project manager Bracken Atkinson said. “But we have also looked into it being part restaurant. We’ve looked into several possibilities.”

With residential areas so close to the building, the main concern was lighting and noise issues.

“Those are some of the concerns,” Commissioner Jim Royle said, “noise and lighting, because there are some long-term residences nearby.”


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