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Service day in North Logan brings out neighborly helpers

October 1st, 2013 Posted in Arts and Life

By Chelsea Hunter

NORTH LOGAN — Residents gathered at locations around the city to kick off the second annual city-wide day of service Saturday. “When there is a big project to be done, it’s amazing what can happen when 100 people get together and work,” said city administrator Jeff Jorgensen. “What could take days ends up taking hours.”

LDS Church groups, scout groups, North Logan youth city council and others who wanted to help were encouraged to do projects on this day. However, anyone not in these groups that wasn’t already assigned a job could come to Elk Ridge Park to receive an assignment.

“City-wide projects included trail maintenance, park clean-up and cleaning the library,” said public works director Alan Luce. “There were also scout projects that included an electronic D.I. (Deseret Industries) drive, where they went around and collected electronics to take to D.I.  Another was to put in a guardrail at 3400 N. 1600 East that day.”

Most of the church groups started working on projects for their neighbors and individuals in their wards, but then came out and helped with the city-wide projects, Jorgensen said. “We appreciate them getting out and helping their neighbors.”

The first day of service was put on by the LDS Church in 2011, and after a good turn out, city officials decided they wanted to make it happen the next time around. But it wasn’t until this year that they decided to organize and make it happen again, this time as a city event.

“We wanted to give the opportunity to people in the city to get out and work for their neighbors and spruce up some areas that take a few more hands to get things done,” said Jorgensen. He and Luce worked together to coordinate different projects throughout the city and made it known that if people needed help they could come to the city, and the coordinators would send people to assist them.

“A sense of community is what we’re looking for, where people go out, and actually help out their neighbors, with projects that people normally do on any given Saturday, but we’re just initiating that and then having them take some ownership, and pride in some of the different community facilities.”

Volunteer Monte Wilhelm came to help and brought his two sons as well. “I thought it was a success,” he said. “I thought that people that I encountered were very appreciative. It was a nice project. We spent three or four hours doing it, it didn’t take all day, and it was good for us, and for the people we hoped to help.”


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