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Ski the Beav: 50″ of snow lets resort open Friday

December 2nd, 2010 Posted in Business, Sports

By Elizabeth Grewe

LOGAN CANYON–Justin John is looking forward to Beaver Mountain’s opening day on Friday and preparing for an exciting season. John has worked for Beaver Mountain for four years, and says that not only is the mountain a great place to work, but the views are spectacular and “the powder is to die for.”

For more than 70 years, Beaver Mountain Ski Area has provided a winter tradition for skiers young and old. This year the mountain will open for winter enthusiasts on Friday, Dec. 3.

Cindy Allen, office manager for the ski area and voice of the ski report, is excited to be opening so early. “This is my 19th year working for Beaver and this is the earliest we’ve opened,” Allen said. “The closest we came was my second year when we opened on Dec. 6.”

Allen says this year is already looking very promising. “Last year, the most snow we had on the ground the whole season was 59 inches and as of Monday, we are already at 50.”

This year the mountain also purchased a stone grinder for the repair shop. It’s “the best addition to the mountain this year,” said shop manager Dave Eames. The new Wintersteiger state-of-the-art tuning machine returns skis and snowboards to perfect condition, allowing riders to perform at their best.

Eames has been shop manager for over a decade and has rearranged the rental shop this year for a better flow, adding that it’s “just another thing to look forward to”.

Allen says that in the past, people have asked why they open the mountain so late, but it’s because Beaver doesn’t make it’s own snow.

“It all comes from Mother,” she explains. The mountain did begin drilling this summer for water in hopes that in a few years, they can make their own snow and possibly expand the lodge.

The ski area began in 1939, and is family-owned and operated. According to its history, Harold and Luella Seeholzer’s goal was to make a fun recreational place for their family to spend time in the winters. When Harold passed away in 1968, Ted, Harold’s second son, became general manager. Ted’s wife, Marge, works in the ticket office full time and handles all ticket sales.

There is a lift called “Harry’s Dream,” in Harold’s memory. The lift is 4,600 feet long with 137 chairs. It takes passengers to the top of the mountain where they have beginner, intermediate and expert trails to chose from to get back to the lodge.

Adam Snow, a student at Utah State University in Logan, says he loves skiing at Beaver because of how inexpensive the ticket prices are. “You can get a student season pass for around $300, which is awesome. I used to ski at Snowbird where it was up to a grand. It’s nice to be on a budget and still be able to ski,” Snow said.

Another USU student, Angie Anderson, says campus is buzzing with excitement about opening day.

“My teacher canceled class Friday because of Beaver. He’s not stupid and realized half the class would be up there anyway. I’m really excited,” Anderson said.

The mountain has many activities including the Boarder-Cross Race held on Little Beaver each year. The Big Air contest held on closing day of the season was a 10-year tradition that ended last year when the owners decided to debut box car races, which will continue this year. The mountain also began hosting music festivals last summer with much success. They featured artists such as Afro Omega, Skanky Trade and Kalai.

“I ski at the Beav because it’s a small town feel, “Allen says. “No bells and whistles. Everyone knows your name, it’s like Cheers here.

“When you ski at the Beav, the lifties will know your name by the second day. People don’t want froufrou, you’re there to ski, and you get your time in.”

John is looking forward to working another successful year at Beaver Mountain. “I’ve been up there for weeks now getting the shop ready, and this Friday is going to be amazing. Skiers are in for a great year up here at the Beav,” said John.

The lifts operate daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit skithebeav.com for ticket prices and more information.


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