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So far, few residents have joined Logan’s first conservation contest

December 11th, 2015 Posted in Environment, Logan News

By Bianca Pahl

Logan City’s first conservation contest, which rewards residents for cutting back on their electricity and water consumption, isn’t getting as many participants as hoped for.

As of Tuesday there were only two Logan residents registered to participate in the contest.

The contest will track a participant’s consumption of electricity and water in their home for the entire 2016 year. At the end of the year the home’s consumption will be compared to its 2015 yearly consumption and whichever home has the largest drop in water and or electricity usage will win three free months of either utility for the year 2017.

“We were hoping to appeal to the average family,” said Emily Malik, a conservation board member in charge of the contest. “We were hoping that the award was plenty of motivation.”

A press release about the contest was sent out on Nov. 12 and was also featured in The Herald Journal.

“It is a hard time to launch a contest,” Malik said. “It’s so close to the holidays.”

The deadline to register is the last day of the year and the contest will start on Jan. 1. Malik and other board members are possibly considering moving the deadline back in hopes that with more time more people will register.

“Even though energy and water prices are low in Utah, Cache Valley residents should be conscious of their consumption,” said Darren Bingham, a member of the conservation board.

Malik said even if participants don’t win the contest they still save money on their utility bill every month and also contribute to a cleaner environment by making small changes to conserve more.

“You’re only going to gain if you do the contest so sign up,” Malik said. “You have really good chances right now.”

More information about the conservation contest and how people can sign up is available through Emily Malik at emily.malik@loganutah.org.


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